Energy Efficiency
And some other interesting technologies to promote the customer participation in electricity markets. Notice that efficiency should be considered taking into account a lot of  parameters: social benefits, power systems losses, market efficiency, ....
Please, remember that Energy Effciency is not the use of renewable sources

  1. An introduction to Energy Efficiency (NEW 2011!)
    1. Technologies: Heat Pump Water Heater
  2. Efficiency in lighting
  3. Dual and Hybrid Loads (gas/fuel/electricity)
    1. Web link
  4. Energy Recovery
    1. Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators (ERV/HRV)
  5. Thermal Energy Storage (TES loads)
  6. Losses in Stanby (Electronic Appliances: TV, Videos, Wlan-router...): up to 10GW of potential in EU-25
    1. Standars (Energy Star)
    2. UE interesting initiatives
  7. Energy Labels (some examples)
    1. Canada
    2. Australia
    3. European Union

UPDATED: April 2011
Energy "Efficiency"