Energy Efficiency (II) in
Electric Haulage/ Electric Traction

The energy used in transport accounts for 40% of energy consumption in the domestic sector. For instance, rail transport is clearly underutilized in Spain, being an efficient and widely used energy option in the most advanced countries (Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, USA, Canada ....). The idea of ​​this page is to present works that try to make this means of transportation even more efficient and in particular its use for transporting goods. You can find on this page technical data, studies, books, and information on many different levels on the subject, and diesel electric traction and power in general.

  1. International Conferences: CIRED 2009, CIRED 2011
    1. Storage in 1,9MW Diesel-Electric Locomotives
    2. Storage and Generation through Diesel-Electric Units

    2. Internacional experiences:

    1. Project Plathee (Research team SNCF-France). Hybrid locomotive.
      1. Documento pdf.
      2. Página web del CTE.
    2. Project ALPS (USA). Flywheels in a diesel-electric locomotive.
    3. ALSTOM. Storage in CITADIS Tram units (video)
    4. Bombardier: ECO4 energy efficiency technologies

  1. Bibliography
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